Ternopil showed the Mother of God in kimono

3332-300x218Almost fifty icons made in various style, recently showed visitors gallery “Bunkermuzu.”

– In Ukraine, still icons painted by certain canons – says Natalia galleries workers. – But in Poland are moving away from the framework. After an icon – a way to focus on the spiritual world. And how will this picture: strict and unattainable or friends and family – everyone can choose.
The exhibition was created as part of the IV International plein iconography in Zamlynni (Poland).
– These allow open-air artists of various faiths to show that religion is, after all, one for all – continues Natalia. – There are icons, written and Ukrainian, and Polish artists. They are very different in style and performance, and by the way, but it all – icons. There is one that combines different religions and people’s concept of the Mother of God, Our Lady in kimono woman dressed in clothes, traditional northern peoples. Each artist sees the Virgin on their own, but it is anyway Virgin.

The exhibition will run until January 8.
Gallery “Bunkermuz” is open daily from 14:00 to 22:00.

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