The administration of Donald trump filed a lawsuit in California

Администрация Дональда Трампа подала в суд на штат Калифорния

The administration of President trump is going through the court to block the California law, which protect illegal immigrants.

From 1st January 2018 California received the status of a state asylum, and this means that already more than 3 months law enforcement officers do not inform Federal immigration authorities of any arrest, which involves a person known to be non-American. In the administration believe that the state thus clearly prevents the immigration laws, violating the provision on the supremacy of the Constitution, which gives Federal law precedence over legislative acts of the States.

“We strive to make your work safer and help to reduce crime in America. And I believe that we are on the path to victory,” said U.S. attorney General Jeff sessions.

This claim probably was the result of a rapid escalation of relations between the trump and the most populous state in the country. California, which is in 2016, gave only 31.6% of votes for trump, does not support the current policy of the government in matters of taxes and the legalization of marijuana, but the main stumbling block remains immigration policy.

In a statement, California Governor Jerry brown called the Federal lawsuit a “stunt”.

“In a period of unprecedented political upheaval Jeff sessions came to California to further divide and polarize America, – said brown. – Jeff, these political antics can be the norm in Washington, but they don’t work. Sadly”.