The advertised program of the Manhattan short film festival

Объявлена программа Манхэттенского фестиваля короткометражных фильмов

The advertised program interactive Manhattan short film festival, which kicks off on September 27.

As reported by “Arthouse Traffic”, the Ukrainians have already the twelfth time, will join viewers around the world will take part in the selection of the winning film.

In particular, the program this year – drama, “Predator”, which will tell about the dangerous games of two teenagers, as well as the Comedy “Home buyer”, dedicated to the housewife – victim experience.

Another Comedy program from Hungary: “Chuchotage” will tell about the two translators, who are fighting for the attention of a listener during official events.

Austrian surrealist tape Lacrimosa will win the hearts of the audience with the music – the film was awarded for best soundtrack online Top Shorts festival and the international film festival in Kolkata.

Unusual cardboard animation will be shown in the movie “Fire in Cardboard city”, first presented in the context of competitive teen program Generation K Plus at the Berlin film festival.

Drama “Man” (Germany) based on real events: in the center of the plot the violence of Soviet soldiers on German girls at the end of the Second world war.

In addition, the program included the paintings “She” (Kosovo), “Head in bag” and “Two strangers who meet five times” (UK).

This fall the annual Manhattan short film festival takes place in the 21st time – and brings together 100 of thousands of connoisseurs of short films for screenings in 300 cities. Become a member of the international jury and to participate in the selection of the best short films of the year any – just fill in the ballot paper after the session.

In Ukraine the festival will take place in cinemas from 27 September to 7 October. Films are shown in the Ukrainian voice.

As previously reported, the Ukrainian contender for the “Oscar-2019” became “Donbass” Sergei Loznitsa.

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