The aliens are attacking the Kingdom: For the week ufologists recorded 5 cases of UFOs

Ufologists from the British County of Cornwall briefed about the unusual UFO activity over Britain. Just last week, the witnesses encountered 5 times and the alien saucers.

British ufologists claim that in the last week the cases of UFOs in the UK increased considerably. Within seven days the alien ships were seen in Marazion, of Mevagissey, Newlyn and two occasions in Launceston. It is reported that April 12 and 13, outer disk seen around two in the afternoon on North hill in Launceston. Marazion Residents described the UFO as a silver-metal craft, which also had black, brown, orange and red tones.

Eyewitnesses from Mevagissey in the sky for about 30 seconds could see the alien ship, after which he disappeared into the sky. Residents of Newlyn also said that he saw a UFO, which at high speed flew in the daytime sky.