The Appendices say “tourlou” 2017

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After nine seasons on the airwaves of Télé-Québec, The Appendices present a special program where their recurrent characters revisit subjects with marked 2017.

December 30 will mark a turning point in the career of the Appendices. In fact, after nine seasons on the airwaves of Télé-Québec, the seven members of the group humorous present a special show of one hour where their recurrent characters revisit events or subjects with marked 2017.


Thus, the Kings of the Hand, Guy (Anne-Élisabeth Bossé), became vegan, and Rene (Sonia Cordeau) is home to the floods, while mr Puel (Dave Bélisle), professor of Spanish, talks of Catalonia and the inimitable mr. Mousteille (Julien Corriveau) gives advice to young people on Instagram how to Code G.


“We don’t like to have to cover the whole of the year. In some way, Tourlou is a way of saying farewell and thank you to our fans, but it is not presented as a final. Eventually, we will see these characters, ” says Dave Bélisle, who signs the special effects of Tourlou 2017, the implementation of which is ensured by Jean-François Chagnon and the assembly, by Dominic Montplaisir.


This is not a Bye Bye

Narrated by Roy Dupuis, a great admirer of the Appendices, Tourlou has invited Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, who will fall in the eye of the moderator Sylvie encounter, and Safia Nolin, who, in addition to interpret The world is turkey, will be an old lady not liking the look of the singer.


“This is not a Bye Bye, insists Sonia Cordeau. If subjects do we not focus on or do we stimulate no, we didn’t feel obliged to talk about it. As our humour is very different to the Bye Bye, by the force of things, Tourlou is very different from Bye-Bye. I think that those who do not know will have a good time, since it deals with events of the year. We don’t say “be more accessible”, then it’s still absurd humour and visually special, and at the same time licked. “

I hope that everyone has the chance to put plastic on windows to save money, worse because it made clean
The wishes of Mr. Mousteille

Then they turned Tourlou 2017, the Appendices also worked for the realization of a fake documentary on the fiftieth anniversary of Télé-Québec. Inspired by a “strange” documentary celebrating the 35th anniversary of the chain, the television special will be broadcast on Thursday 22 February at 20 h. In all, both programs have required ten days of filming.


“If we redo a Tourlou, we would like to have more budget and better conditions ! lance Jean-François Provençal, author of the viral success I’m hungry more than Alain. It had several locations, but we are not magicians ! “


“In terms of statistics, the colorist told us this week that there were 800 plans in Tourlou ; in general, there are 500 in a two hour movie. This is the point at which it is happening in this show that was shot in six days, ” notes Dave Bélisle.


Fans of the Appendices can they hope that this year in review marks the beginning of a new tradition ? “If ever the public boards, it will have to be discussed between us. I find that this is a nice alternative to the Bye Bye traditional, that is trying to appeal a little to everyone. We, we don’t try to please everyone, ” says Julien Corriveau, the other musical genius of the Appendages with Jean-François Provençal.


From absurd to dumb

Fond of Ionesco, Beckett, Alfred Jarry and Boris Vian during their secondary education, the Appendages have often been labelled with the absurd at an early stage. Also inspired by Monty Python, RBO and Taquinons the planet, they do not turn as far back to the absurd humor, which allows them to better laugh at the emptiness of our time.


“Our target has always been the fool, reveals Jean-François Pronvençal. Our Tourlou is more stupid than absurd. There is everything, but it is not as absurd as that. There are a few sketches of strange, but in majority, it is more dumb. It is the humour thick. We speak to plenty of business, it is geared more towards the company than to the individuals. In fact, our Tourlou is a lot left. We don’t hit as well on the right, but on the Québécois. “


“In fact, it is said that the world is nono, summarizes Sonia Cordeau. There are people who confuse absurd and wacky. Sometimes, what we do, it is just a little fufu. “


“We have been accused of doing the absurd. It’s part of our identity and we don’t want to lose that. The absurd allows you to go further in your demands, more deeply into the subjects. If the general public does not carry no, he will be glad to at least 90 % of Tourlou “, believes Julien Corriveau.


“The bodies around us have determined that it was the skewed humour. In fact, it is this that makes us laugh ; a season to the other, our humor varies. It is aging, ” says Dave Bélisle.


Then that Guy and Rene are preparing to land on the Appendices have several projects in mind, including an audio album and a sitcom. Regardless of the label that he accolera, Tourlou will certainly not be a farewell. And it is so much better.

The wishes for 2018 four key characters

Mr. Mousteille. “I hope that everyone has the chance to put plastic on windows to save money on pis, because it’s actually clean. “

Mr Puel, Apprendons Spanish. “Pade kaka pandan la siesta, which means : sleep without interruption. “

Sylvie, the host, Sylvie encounter. “A lot of meetings and a lot of Sylvie. “

René, of the Kings of the Hand. ” A lot of kissing under the Guy and a toaster that toasts ben black a shot. ”

Five guys, two girls

At the last gala Les Olivier, The Appendices have won the prize of the tv Series comedy of the year, crowning in beauty their ninth and final season on Télé-Québec. During this ceremony, Mariana Mazza, the head of the pack with five nominations, went home with the statuette, the most coveted, the Olivier of the year, is the only prize awarded by the public. She became the first woman since Lise Dion, in 2002, to win this award. No other woman has won an Olivier this evening, outside of Sonia Cordeau and Anne-Élisabeth Bossé, the two large women behind The Appendices.

“I don’t believe that the girls have not won because it is still a boys’ club, ” says Sonia Cordeau. “It’s a little quick analysis, but this is not fake,” related Dave Bélisle.

“Statistically, there are fewer girls, so it’s normal that they earn less, and the girls who were nominated are not at the same point in their careers, guys. The victory of the girls that night, this are the presentations, such as that of Katherine Levac and Rosalie Vaillancourt. They are not yet known to the general public, but what are the next Lise Dion and Cathy Gauthier “, forward Julien Corriveau.

“It is not necessary that the girl wins because she is a girl. I have the impression that it goes faster for you guys, that it is easier for them, ” notes Sonia Cordeau. Jean-François Provençal recounts a revealing anecdote that he has made Mélanie Couture : “I didn’t know it was in what city, but it happened last year. Melanie was involved in an evening of humour, but because the guy at the bar had not loved a girl who had not managed to make up the room, he had requested that we release the girls. We could not have done it with guys. “

“As if, because a girl is not funny, all the girls are not funny, as if there was only one style of girl ! Yet, Katherine Levac sells its tickets. The girls are not boudées “, exclaims Sonia Cordeau.

“The humor, it is mostly a boys’ club, recognizes Jean-François Provençal. In the United States, there are plenty of clubs girls that are fucking funny, like Amy Schumer, Sarah Silverman, Ali Wong. At this time, I think there’s a bigger opening in the middle. I see full, girls of the feeder mount. Plus there will be girls at the appointment, the more there will be of winning. “

“And more girls will have the taste to be humorous,” says Dave Bélisle. And with what happened this year, there has been a kind of acceleration of the elimination of sexism. There are also self-made women such as Rosalie Vaillancourt, who has funded her own webseries. It is fantastic that the world take the lead, that he says fuck the industry and marketing. ”

Tourlou 2017

Télé-Québec, Saturday, 20 h ; reruns Monday, 22: 27, and Friday, 22: 59