The area of dry forests in Ukraine increased to almost 400 thousand hectares

Площадь усыхающих лесов в Украине увеличилась до почти 400 тысяч гектаров

As of August 2018 in Ukraine the total area of the shrinkage of forests is 395,4 thousand hectares. About it reports a press-service of the State Agency of forest resources of Ukraine.

“Today, the total area shrinkage is 395,4 thousand hectares, of which pine stands on an area of nearly 200 thousand hectares, which already exceeds the annual figures for the previous year”, – say representatives of the Agency.

It is noted that the area of dry forests increased from may to August 2018, it increased by 50 thousand hectares.

Deputy Goslesagentstvo Mr Bondar noted that the staff of forest enterprises are doing everything possible to improve the situation.

“For the first half of 2018 forestry enterprises of the region were held activities to improve forest health on the area more than 70 thousand hectares with a total mass of 3.4 million cubic meters,” he said.

In addition, forestry enterprises are also engaged in development of properties of stands damaged as a result of strong gusts of wind. As of July 1, work was conducted on an area of 6.6 thousand hectares, which is 74% of the total area damaged by wind plants.

The Agency noted that the shrinkage of forests is a common problem in many countries and is associated with climate change decrease in rainfall and increase in temperature. In addition, not having sufficient moisture, the trees are immune to pests, particularly bark beetles.

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