The Association agreement with the EU will sign next week?

Соглашение об ассоциации с ЕС подпишем на следующей неделе?

The Association agreement with the EU will sign next week?
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Viktor Yanukovych will have to meet with European politicians. Photo: ress-service of the President of Ukraine.

To become closer to a United Europe Ukraine may in early September.

Yesterday in Brussels it was said that our country needs to accelerate the process of signing the Association Agreement. Such a radical statement was sounded by the Deputy of European Parliament from Poland Pawel Kowal during a hearing on the situation in Ukrainian-Russian trade relations in the foreign Affairs Committee.

– The Association agreement should not be signed in Vilnius. It should be signed tomorrow or next week in Kiev, or in Brussels. This should be done as soon as possible – said Pawel Kowal.

It is noteworthy that the position of the European Parliament has not posted on his official page. Forgot? Ignored? By the way, the decisiveness of the Polish politician has criticized in Ukraine. Experts argue that such an important agreement cannot be signed out of the blue.

– Ukraine has a specific road map on the way to Europe. To shorten the path – to ignore certain procedures and commitments – will not work – the Director of the Agency for modeling situations Vitaliy Bala.


Brussels blamed Putin


Any pressure on Ukraine aimed at signing the agreement by Kiev of the Association Agreement with the European Union, is unacceptable. This position was voiced by the European Commissioner for enlargement and neighbourhood policy štefan füle, adding that the concerns of the Russian side about the possible negative impact on future trade with Ukraine were groundless.

It would seem that Europe is on our side! However, experts advise not to deceive ourselves.

– To any radical improvement in the relations between Russia and Ukraine this statement will not, – said the expert of the International centre for policy studies, Alexander acorn. – At least because Moscow has not recognized the fact of a trade war.

And according to the economist Vsevolod Stepaniuc, in the future the situation will worsen.

According to the Association agreement, namely the “Agreements with other countries”, after signing in November, Ukraine will have to withdraw from the free trade zone with the CIS countries, – says the economist.