The Association of wrestling of Ukraine shall elect a new management team

The Association of wrestling of Ukraine shall elect a new management team. Among the presidential candidates – the former head of the Association of Elbrus Tedeev. He resigned, however, he decided to return.”There was confusion between the members of our Presidium and vote on some key issues that strongly disagreed. I didn’t want at that time to work with the team. We will continue to build all other relationships with other members of our organization,” said Elbrus Tedeyev.

Over the past 12 years I held the position of President of the Association Tadeo, in the world ranking the Ukrainian team fell from fifth to twentieth place, athletes believe that it is due to using inefficient management.

“He was doing wrestling Association. And a team of bila is the same. Today, we have become the question that almost no medals at European and world Championships,” – said the prize-winner of Olympic games on free-style wrestling Andrey Stadnik.

Any medal at the Olympics in Rio in 2016, and for the first time in twenty years – any medal at the European Championships in 2017. “The findings did not. They still have the same coach. The whole reason the head coach – Ruslan Soslanovich Savlohov. I think that the Association, which must recommend to the head coach, the Ministry will make findings and will recommend a man who will be worthy of it,” says Gregory Danko, honored coach of Ukraine, member of the Executive Committee of the Association.

Athletes hope that the coach is worthy challengers of the young, but forgotten stars of wrestling. From the new management team and the President is expected to operate for the benefit of sport and decisive action in correcting a critical situation in the Ukrainian struggle.

Ассоциация спортивной борьбы Украины избирает новый руководящий состав

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