The attack on Gandzyuk: the Case of the performers leads the police on customers.

Нападение на Гандзюк: Дело по исполнителям ведет полиция, по заказчикам – СБУ

In fact the assassination of the acting Manager of the Affairs of the Executive Committee of the Kherson city Council Catherine Gandzyuk conducted two criminal proceedings. The case for the performers leads the police, by customers – the security Service of Ukraine. This was stated by Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko in interview “Censor. NO.”

“First, it was the performers, it leads the police to the materials of the case the SBU has full access. And the second thing – for customers, it is the SBU. Prosecutorial group in this case, if necessary, coordinates their actions,” – said Lutsenko.

He added that the investigation of criminal proceedings by the security Service of Ukraine is asking Gandzyuk: “…the very Gandzyuk and its representatives insisted that the SBU has established the customer. So I decided to register one more thing – the customer. And entrusted him to the SBU. Of course, under the procedural supervision of the state nature protection establishment”.

Lutsenko also said that three of the four detainees in the case Gandzyuk is already defined. One of them bought acid, carried out the assassination attempt, and his hands had traces of chemical burns.

“The key question concerns who organized and ordered this case. Organizer we see, and until yesterday he was silent. From his immediate testimony to the SBU depends on the answer who is the customer,” stated the Prosecutor General.

We will remind, on Catherine Gandzyuk was attacked on July 31.

Around 8:30 the clerk came out of his house, going about their business, and out of the bushes went to meet the guy 20-25 years with the capacity in hand. When I approached the woman, he splashed the contents of the tank in her face and ran away.

On 3 August the Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov said about the arrest of a suspect in the Commission of the crime. Later detained another suspect.

August 23, Kherson city court chose a measure of restraint for Nikita Grabczuk, the fifth and final suspect of involvement in the assassination of officials of the Kherson city Council Catherine Gandzyuk.

26 Aug friends and lawyer Catherine Gandzyuk reported that her health has deteriorated.

In early September, the Ukrainian security Service has classified information about the investigation of the case of the assassination of Gandzyuk. The Department stated that disclosure of this information could harm the investigation and establishment of truth in criminal proceedings.

According to Gandzyuk, in its physical elimination a lot of people are interested. “A lot of this can be profitable to get rid of an inconvenient officer like me. The more I get out of the landscape, what annoyed many people not only from Kherson. But few can go on the offence,” she said.

Member of Kherson city Council believes that the customer’s attack may be law enforcement officers. “I’m pretty sure the customer in the wardrobe hangs a uniform with epaulets, probably, not even one”, – said Gandzyuk. According to her, from law enforcement she had received threats and warnings.

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