The author of the petition for the resignation Pavelko, which gathered the required 25 thousand signatures, said about the incompetence of the employees of AP

The lawyer of the public Association “Initiative for the future” Oleg Skupinski, whose petition to the President for the resignation and prosecution of the head of the Budget Committee of the Verkhovna Rada Andriy Pavelko due to the theft of 160 million hryvnias from the state Budget collected the necessary 25 thousand signatures, noted the complete incompetence of the Administration Poroshenko in the knowledge of the Ukrainian legislation. About this report “Kommentarii”.

Commenting on the TV channel NewsOne statement by the Department head of the Main Department of information policy AP Alexander Gorkovenko about the alleged phishing web petition based on the fact that she was not registered on the official presidential website, he said: Gorkovenko “we need to teach materiel, as article 23-1 the law of Ukraine “On citizens” suggests that the petition may be registered on the sites of state bodies and public associations”.

“We registered a petition on its website in accordance with the law. But an identical position with Gorkovenko has taken in a foster AP. In this regard I have a question for the legal Department of the Administration: why its employees do not know signed by the President of the relevant law?” – the lawyer noted.

At the same time, emphasizing the authenticity of each signature on a petition and thus refuting the charges of its authors from the AP in the support document bots, Skupinski said: Poroshenko Administration shall publish the petition on its website no later than August 15 – “in Accordance with the law, the publication of the petition on the website of President shall be held within 2 working days from the date of filing by public men. We did it on Friday August 10, so expect its publication today or tomorrow”.

In addition, he drew attention to the fact that the statement Gorkovenko can be regarded as “the official position of the AP – they don’t see this situation as violation of the law.”

Also the lawyer noted previously extended NACP 30 day period the consideration of e-declarations Pavelko has expired, “to date, however, no action by the NACP, we do not see”.

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