The autumn military conscription: the APU has called for 5 thousand people

Осенний военный призыв: В ВСУ уже призвали 5 тыс. человек

At the beginning of November 2018 in the Armed forces of Ukraine called on 5 thousand recruits of the planned 9 thousand. This was announced by the Deputy Minister of defence of Ukraine Igor Pavlovsky, the press service of the defense Ministry.

“The regional and district (municipal) call-up Commission continue its work on the issues of conscription of citizens of Ukraine for military service in October – December 2018. As part of the recruiting campaign “Autumn-2018″ as of November for military service in the armed forces of Ukraine called about 5 thousand people”, – said Pavlovsky.

He added that only the implementation of the Military doctrine of Ukraine on the mixed manning of the armed forces of Ukraine to 2018 for military service in the Armed forces of Ukraine must call on 18 thousand people (spring – 9,0; autumn – 9,0 thousand persons).

Earlier it was reported that in Kiev evading conscription for military service of 23 thousand 494 people.

As you know, October 1 Ukraine started the autumn draft campaign, which runs until 31 December.

Recall that in the decree of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko about the terms of transfer to the reserve of conscripts and the timing of appeals in 2018 September 10 was amended, in particular article 2 of the decree of 15 February 2018. Under the new terms, the autumn appeal of citizens of Ukraine on conscription military service will be extended to December 2018 instead of November specified in the original version.

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