The band Interpol have unveiled a new clip with Kristen Stewart

Группа Interpol представила новый клип с Кристен Стюарт

American rock band Interpol released a music video for the song If You Really Love Nothing. The main role is played by the star of the Saga “Twilight” and “social life” Kristen Stewart. The video appeared on the official YouTube page of musicians.

The video takes place in a nightclub, where the speech of the Interpol. Parallel Stewart having fun with friends, burst into the kitchen, kissing a stranger, stain clothes casual man stealing a car. It in clip was the actor Finn Wittrock. In the story, the actress throws him for a dog.

If You Really Love Nothing will enter sixth Studio album, which is scheduled for release on August 24. The album is called Marauder. Last month, Interpol released a music video for the song Number 10, which can also be heard in this album.

Recall, Kristen Stewart has already starred in the clip of the rock band. In 2016, she became the heroine of the music video The Rolling Stones for the song Ride ‘Em On Down.

As previously reported, this year, Stewart was part of the main jury at the Cannes film festival.

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