The Bellingcat investigation: the European company ESA could teach the Ukrainian far right

Расследование Bellingcat: Европейская компания ЕЅА могла учить украинских ультраправых

European company European Security Academy (ESA), which deals with the training of security forces, law enforcement and military, in 2016 taught based in Mariupol, regiment “Azov”. This was reported in the Bellingcat investigation Thursday, August 30.

“A large group from Ukraine, which consisted at least partially of veterans of the “Azov”, and also, probably, of the active participants of the movement “Azov” and other far-right activists who took a course of training, which resembles the training of fighters of special units at the training centre of ESA in Poland”, – stated in the message.

In addition, the investigation noted that among those who passed the ESA trainings on weapons handling and tactics, were representatives of the “Ukrainian right-wing organizations related to harassment and attacks on Ukrainian Roma, the LGBT community and human rights defenders: “the Tradition and order,” “national housing” and “National team”, says Bellingcat.

According to managing Director of ESA, his company “has refused to workout for the supporters of far-right ideologies and persons associated with ultranationalist organizations.” In comments Bellingcat he added that the company conducts a thorough check of the candidates, but did not specify what criteria are the basis for the refusal.

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