The best performances of the Biennale of theatre arts on its tour of the regions invites festival ART WINDOW

Biennale of theatre arts held in Moscow on October 10 solemn closing Ceremony on the main stage of the Vakhtangov theatre.


The winners were announced of the competition program of the festival “the Lessons of directing” – the winners of the drama program for young Directors were: Yegor Peregudov with the play “Late love”, Egor Ravinsky play “His people – are numbered” and Denis husniyarov with a performance of “Stone”.

The prize “Audience recognition” from the project “Theatrical Russia”, according to the results of open voting among the audience, was received by the Director from Ilya slavutskii with the play “Marriage”.

As prizes from the partner of the Biennale, the art Festival ART-a WINDOW established by Charity Foundation Alisher Usmanov “the Art, science and sport”, the finalists received certificates for participation in the tour in the Russian regions.

The programme of the festival ART-a WINDOW in 2018, the productions will be shown in the cities of Belgorod, Kursk and Orenburg regions.

“The main task of the Festival ART-WINDOW — providing a creative dialogue between the regions and cultural centers of Russia. Working closely with many Russian theatres we know that in today’s reality tour is a luxury. To afford them the rare theatres in productions, to take are extremely expensive, and without the philanthropic assistance is simply impossible. But the need for the road is enormous, as the theatre and the audience, — says the project Manager of the ART WINDOW, the Deputy Director of the Charity Fund “Art, science and sport” Fatima Muhomedzhan. – We are glad that our festival ART WINDOW it is possible to show the best performances presented on the Biennale in the Russian regions. To acquaint the audience with the best works of art is our mission. The visiting performances thanks to the support of Fund “Art, science and sport” for spectators will be absolutely free! So I urge all of you to monitor our events”.

The jury of the Biennale became the master of the Russian theatre: Alexei Borodin, Sergei Zhenovach, Dmitry Krymov, Grigory Kozlov, Rimas Tuminas, Valery Fokin, Adolf Shapiro. The Biennale of theatre arts attended 16 30 dramatic and musical productions. 35 theaters from all over Russia, who showed their performances at 18 venues of Moscow. The events of the Biennale is currently visited by over 37 thousand people. And online broadcasts of performances Billboard Biennale looked 6 500 spectators in 8 regions of the country.

Master classes by leading Directors and musical theaters has collected 1 800 participants. Online broadcasts of the workshops was seen by more than 70,000 spectators.

For the first time held in Moscow Biennale of theatre arts has become one of the biggest events of the theatrical life of the country.