The Bloc québécois is asking the intervention of the minister Joly in the case of the painting by Jacques-Louis David

Le Bloc québécois demande l'intervention de la ministre Joly dans l'affaire du tableau de Jacques-Louis David

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The Bloc québécois calls for the intervention of the minister Mélanie Joly in the folder of the painting by Jacques-Louis David, the property of the Fabrique of the parish of Notre-Dame de Québec, the Musée des beaux-arts du Canada may have in its sights.

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The table is the property of the Fabrique of the parish of Notre-Dame de Québec for several decades and, according to the QMI Agency has learned on Tuesday last, he would be in the focus of the Musée des beaux-arts du Canada, which would make the acquisition with the proceeds from the sale next month in New York, a painting from his collection, “The Eiffel tower”, Marc Chagall.

The leader of the Bloc, Martine Ouellet, as well as the mp Mario Beaulieu asked the minister Joly to intervene, “exceptionally” with the NGC to prevent the approach of acquisition, pointing out that two museums in quebec, the Musée de la civilisation and the Musée des beaux-arts de Montréal, would like to also purchase the table.

“The regime plays against them: federal institutions have a public funding important to acquire works, while the provincial museums should mostly have to resort to private donations,” explained Ms. Ouellet and Mr. Beaulieu in a joint statement, on Sunday.

“It is in this respect that the minister of canadian heritage, Mélanie Joly, must be made at the NGC in respect of québec’s heritage, in order to prevent canadian institutions to compete with the works of art heritage of Quebec”, said Mr. Beaulieu, adding that the table has a great cultural and historical significance for Quebec.

“We must avoid thinking that the money gives them that right… The culture may not be adequately highlighted and protected in Quebec,” added Martine Ouellet.

The Block has no specific demand on the table of Chagall offered for sale by the Ottawa-based museum, believing that “it belongs to them”. It regrets, however, that the “maneuver” was conducted in “opacity” with as a result of not having enabled the two museums in quebec also interested in the st. Jerome, Quebec to react in the best way.