The border guards and military reflect attack militants in Luhansk

borderThe militants, despite the truce, continue to bombard the border and attacked a detachment near the border towns Nozdrivka (Luhansk region), say in the State Border Service of Ukraine. “At 13.00 on the border outfit Border Service Department” Belovodsk “near the town Nozdrivka (Luhansk region) was attacked by gunmen. Border guards took the fight and began to repel the attack,” – said in a statement released Sunday afternoon. To assist border guards arrived soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. “Now continuing joint efforts disposal militants”, – the State Border Service. For the past day it is not the first attack on the bandits Ukrainian security forces and border guards. Night at the Biryukov (Luhansk region). Gunmen attacked a checkpoint Ukrainian border. “With the help of the Armed Forces of Ukraine terrorist attack was repulsed. Clash in one border guard shot”, – told the State Border Service. In addition, on Sunday night in the vicinity of the settlement Krasnopartizansk Luhansk region occurred martial clash with militants who opened fire with mortars, RPGs and small arms. Border guards and soldiers jointly by the Supreme Court repelled the attack. Also on Sunday afternoon near the settlement Settlement Luhansk Oblast terrorists opened fire from an ambush convoy guards – one wounded soldier. In general, according to the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine for the last day in the Donbas militants have carried out 7 attacks on checkpoints Ukrainian security forces.

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