The British must pay for what was left without a home

Authorities ordered the British, whose house collapsed in an underground tunnel to pay 55 thousand pounds or the building will be demolished.


In April 2016 in the British County of Lancashire in the town Rawtenstall on the street Burnley Road part of the house Ponca MIA fell into the reservoir. County Council Lancashire evaluated damages of 55 thousand pounds plus VAT.

The local authority insists that she will have to carry the property if the man does not pay. The British laments that can not collect this amount themselves and insists that the Board shared responsibility with him. “I suffered the most. I lose a house that costs 100 thousand pounds,” says the victim.


The inspectors of the County Lancashire argue that the responsibility lies with the homeowner. The authorities also insist that the property is a danger to the public because of the proximity to the highway and nearby objects. The easiest way to repair the manifold and the reasons for the further destruction of the underground tunnel is, in the opinion of the Council, the demolition of the British.