The California Governor announced a state of emergency because of the fire

California authorities declared a state of emergency in connection with forest fires. The corresponding decree was issued by the head of region, Jerry brown.


As reported by ABC News, nearly 40,000 California residents were evacuated because of the approaching fires. The flames currently have destroyed 150 dwellings, three thousand buildings are located in the area of elimination. Now is burning 50 acres of land. According to CNN, in the County of Los Angeles, rescuers evacuated 150 000 inhabitants.

About three employees of the fire organization had received burns during a counter-fire, two more people were injured, one of them is in critical condition. According to preliminary data, the cause of the strong wind, the fire quickly advances to Friday will reach the shore of the Pacific ocean.

California has already suffered from the fire in October, then 40 people were killed, 900 missing. Also the flames disposed of 3.5 million homes and archives of the company Hewlett-Packard.