The capture of children in hostages in the capital: the Wife of a detainee told me that he threatened to kill her with a shovel

Захват детей в заложники в столице: Жена задержанного рассказала, что он угрожал убить ее лопатой

Ex-wife of the man who captured this morning of their own children hostage in Svyatoshinsky district of the capital, said that he had threatened to kill her with a shovel, so she was forced to run out of the apartment. This broadcast “112 Ukraine” said the reporter.

“We talked to the ex-wife of this man, they divorced in 2014, but they live together. As she spoke, she woke up this morning, saw that her ex-husband holding a shovel, goes to her and threatens murder. She ran from the apartment, called the police. When law enforcement officers arrived, the man barricaded himself in the apartment with the children,” – said the journalist.

It is now known that a man of 51 years old. Comments of neighbors was mixed: some said that he was walking with children, not screaming, and there were no prerequisites, which could lead to today’s action. Others say that the family was repeatedly quarrel.

“According to the victim woman, her ex-husband was not working. It works. Said that at work, she sometimes was away for three weeks and when he returned, saw that the apartment in bad condition, the people poorly cared for children. She began to prepare documents on deprivation of its parental rights. Today, however, he allegedly didn’t know about it,” added the reporter.

Now the man is already in office. Police have yet to comment.

Earlier it was reported that in the Svyatoshinsky district of Kiev in consequence of a family quarrel in the apartment barricaded man with children, he threatened to use a weapon, the police initiated operation “Hostage”.

When the guards realized that a man does not want to go on contact and is not going to produce children, decided to storm the apartment. The rescued children are in satisfactory condition, to their life threatens nothing.

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