The case against Paul the Fungus is another person involved, the father of the political prisoner

По делу против Павла Гриба проходит еще один фигурант, - отец политзаключенного

The case against a Ukrainian political prisoner Pavel Fungus is another person involved in under the pseudonym “Stefan Kapinos”. About it to “UNN” said the father of Paul Igor Mushroom.

“Stefan Kapinos, Yes, he is on the case, because there is in the correspondence”, – said the Fungus.

According to the father, “Kapinos” supposedly has Ukrainian citizenship and told Paul how to manufacture explosives.

We will remind, Pavel Grib is the son of the former Ukrainian border guard Igor Mushroom. 25 Aug 2017 19-year-old Paul, who went to Gomel (Belarus) to meet with a friend, was detained by Russian special services. Later it was transferred to Russia. Russian security officials suspect Paul of the Fungus in the preparation of the attack at the school Sochi.

July 23, 2018 it was reported that the case of Paul of the Fungus was returned to prosecutors for revision. The Mushroom said that he did not agree with the charges against him, and stressed that the investigation was made a number of “critical errors”.

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