The case of the fake policemen who robbed entrepreneurs, has transferred in court

Дело фейковых полицейских, которые грабили предпринимателей, передали в суд

Investigators of the national police sent to the court indictment against a group of “fake” police officers from 9 people who committed robbery on the territory of Mykolaiv, Zaporizhia and Zhytomyr region. this was reported on the website of national police.

Fake police attack on businesses and people for 2015-2017. Police established the involvement of the members of the gang to six such episodes, in particular to the attack on the jewelry entrepreneur.

In each attack, the attackers used physical violence to the victim and brandished a firearm. In addition, robberies were accompanied by unlawful deprivation of liberty of the victims.

Set the amount of financial losses – more than 11 million hryvnias.

The suspect faces criminal liability in accordance with seven articles of the Criminal code of Ukraine.

It was found that the gang included 10 men aged from 30 to 56 years. The organizer was the 32-year-old previously convicted resident of the Donetsk region. Among the other participants – a previously convicted three residents of Donetsk region. Also in the gang operated a 56-year-old resident of the Donetsk region, a former police officer, who was dismissed at his own request. Most of them come from the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine.

After the arrest of nine members of the armed gangs, the police carried out the authorized searches. In these workshops, identified and seized firearms and ammunition. Now another one tenth is an established gang member is wanted.

Police carried out pre-trial investigation in criminal proceedings opened on the grounds of offences under article 257 (“Gangsterism”), part 4 of article 187 (“the Robbery directed on a taking by property in large or especially large sizes or made by organized group, or connected to causing heavy injuries”) the Criminal code of Ukraine.

Also opened criminal proceedings under part 3 of article 146 (“Illegal imprisonment or kidnapping”), part 3 of article 289 (“Illegal taking vehicle”), part 3, article 262 (“the theft, appropriation, extortion of firearms, fighting supplies, explosives or radioactive materials or taking them by fraud or abuse of official position”) and part 1 of article 14 (“preparation of a crime”).

In addition, the suspects could face criminal liability for illegal handling of weapons, ammunition or explosives in accordance with part 1 of article 263 of the Criminal code of Ukraine. The main investigation Department of the National police of Ukraine completed pre-trial investigation in the specified criminal proceedings. The indictment is sent to court.

As reported, on 13 December 2017 in Zaporozhye detained the inhabitants of the occupied part of the Donetsk region, who under the guise of policemen committed robbery.

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