The cash rate of 6 September: dollar – 28,10-28,35 UAH, Euro of 32.30-33,05 UAH

Наличный курс на 6 сентября: доллар - 28,10-28,35 грн, евро - 32,30-33,05 грн

The average exchange rate of the dollar in the Ukrainian banks on Friday, September 7, was 28,10-28,35 UAH.

Compared with the previous working day the dollar fell by 8 kopecks in the purchase and 10 cents on sale.

The value of the Euro fell by 5 cents in buying and selling and made of 32.30-33,05 UAH.

The value of Russian ruble has slightly decreased in the purchase – 0,378-0,420 UAH.

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