The cause of the ex-hostage canadian Joshua Boyle adjourned until Monday

Photo: Mike Carrocetto Archives Agence France-Presse
The ex-hostage, canadian Joshua Boyle, shortly after his return to the country in October 2017

The ex-hostage, canadian Joshua Boyle, briefly appeared Wednesday in Ottawa, in relation to the 15 counts filed against him, including two of sexual assault.


Mr. Boyle, aged 34 years, was released in October, with his wife and their young children, after having been detained for five years in Afghanistan by a group linked to the taliban.


The appearance was held via videoconference before the judge Norman Boxall. After less than two minutes of the hearing, the case was adjourned to next Monday. The judge Boxall took the time to learn that the accused had retained the services of a leading lawyer Ottawa, criminal lawyer Lawrence Greenspon, to be part of his defence team.


According to court documents, Joshua Boyle, arrested Tuesday in Ottawa, is facing 15 charges, including eight for assault, two for assault, two for forcible confinement and one to have pushed a person to consume something harmful, that is to say, of Trazodone, ” an antidepressant. He is also accused of uttering death threats and to have induced a police officer in error.


The alleged offences were reportedly committed between 14 October and 30 December 2017, after the return of the family Boyle in Canada following his release. An order of non-publication is prohibited from disclosing details that might help identify the victims and even witnesses. The facts alleged have not been proven in court.


Mr. Boyle and his wife of american origin, Caitlan Coleman, had been abducted in October 2012 by a group linked to the taliban while they were doing an adventure tour in Afghanistan. Ms. Coleman was pregnant at the time of the rapture, and the couple had three children during the whole of the captivity.


Three places of detention


After his return to his country, Mr. Boyle explained that when they were removed, he and his wife were helping villagers afghans in a region controlled by the taliban. He told The canadian Press that the conditions of their detention had evolved over time, and that the family had changed their place of detention at least three times.


He described the first dungeon as being ” particularly barbaric “, the second, more “comfortable”, but the third-most — violent- the couple was often separated, and beaten. Mr. Boyle argued that the kidnappers, linked to the Haqqani network, had raped his wife and had asked her to undergo a miscarriage.

Once released, last October, Mr. Boyle has claimed that their kidnappers are brought to justice.


In an interview with u.s. network ABC, Mrs Coleman, a native of Stewartstown, Pennsylvania, told that the kidnappers had dragged her husband to the outside of the cell, and that one of the jailers had thrown to the ground, shouting ” I’ll kill you, I’ll kill you ! “before the attack. Ms. Coleman has also maintained that the kidnappers had struck his eldest son with a stick.


After their release, the whole family went to live with the parents of Mr. Boyle in Smiths Falls, Ontario.

Brief chronology of the recent history of Boyle

July 2012 : Joshua Boyle and Caitlan Coleman are travelling in Russia. Over the following months, the couple will travel to Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Afghanistan.


8 October 2012 : latest news of the couple before the abduction. An afghan official later indicated that the couple had been abducted in the province of Wardak, at the centre of the country, a den of taliban.


At the end of 2012-beginning of 2013 : Ms. Coleman, who was pregnant at the time of the abduction, gave birth to her first child.


4 June 2014 : the family of Mrs. Coleman publishes two videos of the couple in captivity, that would have been received in 2013. The hostages are asking the u.s. government to free them and their child, of the taliban.


November 2015 : the Coleman learn by letter that their daughter has given birth to a second child.


12 October 2017 : the pakistani authorities announced that they have released the Boyle, and Ms. Coleman gave birth to a third child in captivity.


October 16, 2017 : Mr. Boyle explains that he and his wife, who dreamed of a large family, have decided to have children in captivity. “We said : ‘Hey ! Let us make the best of it all and at least, returning to the house, our dream will already be well underway.'”


October 17, 2017 : Ms. Coleman is admitted to hospital emergency, for an unknown reason.


January 2, 2018 : Joshua Boyle was arrested in Ottawa and charged with 15 heads : eight for assault, two for assault, two for forcible confinement, for having pushed a person to consume something harmful ” (an antidepressant), one count of uttering death threats and one charge of having induced a police officer in error.