The CD is not dead in 2017, and he will live again in 2018

Photo: Oli Scarff Agence France-Presse
In Canada, preliminary data show that by 2017, sales of albums in digital have dropped 25% in one year due to the high number of users who prefer the platforms of continuous music.

Despite the nickname the” year of listening continuously ” that many have stuck to 2017, it seems that in the last year has rather demonstrated that the small disks that the shiny highlights are still well alive.


A jolt of vitality, which is not necessarily attributable to a strong demand of consumers who cling to the CD, but rather to the industry that is making creative efforts to prolong the existence of the old goose that lays the golden eggs.


In Canada, the album sales have been boosted by a strategy echoed by several artists selling packages that combine tickets to the show and a physical copy of their most recent album.


Arcade Fire, Shania Twain, and Pink in particular have used this marketing strategy. Many of the fans who came out to attend the shows are offered the choice between a CD of the album sent to you by mail or a digital download.


Impossible to know if all the albums sent by mail were unpacked once they got to their destination, but these shipments of mass have enabled artists to propel themselves to the top of the charts in sales in the first weeks following their launch respective.


The compact disc was also at the heart of the promotional campaign of the latest album of Taylor Swift, Reputation. Special packaging containing a CD and a magazine exclusive about the young singer were distributed in the branches of Walmart in Canada. On the other hand, the platforms of music streaming have had to wait three weeks before you have access to the songs from the album more sold of the year.


Other albums, such as the work’s posthumous Gord Downie, titled ” Introduce Yerself, success was much more marked in the physical format than digital. Some 9,700 copies in the CD format were sold, which represents a few thousands of sales of formats-digital and vinyl combined.


The decline of the CD seems to slow down


In Canada, preliminary data show that by 2017, sales of albums in digital have dropped 25 % in one year due to the high number of users who prefer the platforms of continuous music.


For the same reasons, Quebec has a data date of 30 November 2017 show that the sales of albums, digital didn’t grow 19.8% compared to the same period in 2016.


However, the decline of the compact disc, which has already sunk most of the steps of her staircase, seems to slow down momentarily.


The data as of the date of 30 November indicate a decrease of 7.9 % in the sales of physical albums in Quebec compared to the same period in 2016.


David Bakula, senior vice president of Nielsen Entertainment, a firm which compiles the data on the sales of music, believes it is too early to write the obituary of the CD.


He argues that the producers of albums are doing all they can to stimulate sales, and that the “old music lovers” cling to their habits of consuming music on disc.


The music historian Alan Cross is his side that the real fanatics are also big collectors and that, to create a collection, they need a physical object.


The continuous read is not the weight


Adrian Doran knows that he clings to a music format that many consider obsolete, but for him, there are still many advantages to a compact disc.


There is not so long, to wander, on the shelves of shops such as HMV was part of his routine shopping. When the retailer has closed its 102 record stores across Canada, the music lover has found the possibility to convert to playing continuously. Instead, he preferred to find a record store independent.


“I’m just attached to the CD,” says the Toronto-based 52-year-old.


This is due to the poor sound quality or inaccessibility of songs rare, Adrian Doran can enumerate many reasons why the services of online listening are not at the height of his vast collection of albums.


He attempted the hit on the side of Spotify, but he stumbled at the lack of depth of the platform. Too often, the albums most obscure, or the first works of the artists are replaced by collections of ” greatest hits “.


“There is huge holes, it has me truly amazed. “