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 We were all excited to see how the Canadian would behave in the face of the Winnipeg Jets and the Toronto Maple Leafs and, quite frankly, it was impressive. It was two big tests and it is clear that the team is passed to another level.

As the discourse has changed since the beginning of the season. We no longer speak of a team that was probably going to miss the playoffs, or a team conflict, which was surprising, but training can be dangerous and can compete with anyone.

On Thursday, the hc has dominated the Jets, and Saturday, he was leading by 3 to 2 in the third period against the Leafs. He would have been able to collect four points out of four against these two powerful formations. As I said last week, I would not like to face the gang to Claude Julien in the playoffs.

The Canadians will have two good tests this week in Nashville and Tampa, but no matter what will happen there, I believe that Marc Bergevin had seen enough to know that his team is solid.

We finally have a true first trio that can score and another that can counter the best opposing strikers. Shea Weber is always a defender number one, and Jeff Petry has become a much better player with all the minutes that he has accumulated as back number one on the Canadian during the long absence of Weber.

Carey Price is enjoying one of his best seasons and he plays often. We do the household more. He has played in 42 of the 56 matches of the Canadian and it is expected to exceed the cap of 60 games for the fifth time.

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He has not played his best game against the Leafs, but he did not hesitate to admit and it is a sign of a keeper in trust.

 The outbreak of Drouin

And what of Jonathan Drouin ? I believe it will exceed Max Domi as the best marker of the Canadian, and it impresses more and more. It’s been a long time that we want a great star from quebec to Montreal, and it seems more and more likely that he will meet this expectation.

Drouin is spectacular and the team overall provides value for money to the public at the Bell Centre. Even in the good times of the past few years, I hear often people complain that the games of the Canadian were annoying.

This is no longer the case and a part of the show is signed Jesperi Kotkaniemi. What a beautiful addition ! As things can change quickly in hockey.

And we know very well that they can change in both directions. The Canadian had a lead of seven points on the Hurricanes of the Caroline before yesterday’s matches and it’s a nice cushion, but their playoff spot is not yet assured.

 Nashville and Tampa Bay

This will not be easy in Nashville and Tampa, Thursday, and Saturday. I would not be surprised to see a slowdown in the Canadian, because a winning streak is often followed by a losing sequence and vice-versa. This is the hockey.

However, with Carey Price, I don’t think the Habs will get bogged down for long.

As the end of the period of the transactions approach, it will be interesting to see what Marc Bergevin is going to do. Well, it has taken a bit of depth to the rear with the acquisition of Christian Folin, but it is not a question here of a significant acquisition.

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Bergevin needs to maintain the chemistry of the team and despite the good signs, it is necessary to be realistic, the Canadian is not returned to the point where he can sacrifice the youth to try out of circuit.

 -Interview by Gilles Moffet


 The machine Luongo

Roberto Luongo has surpassed Patrick Roy, and he now occupies the second rank for the greatest number of matches played by a goalkeeper with 1030. It is quite an achievement and it shows what kind of athlete he is. It is necessary to be talented, disciplined, and avoid major injuries to play as many games. There are still three seasons to his contract and he will be celebrating his 40 years on 4 April. I don’t know where it will stop, but it will be difficult to join Martin Brodeur and his 1266-game.


 Price to 600 games

Mine of nothing, Carey Price already been to 600 games in the NHL and it is remarkable. It is no more than five victories from the record of Jacques Plante of 314 victories in the uniform of the Canadian. Pity that Price is lost to the Maple Leafs. It was in a beautiful sequence of seven victories.


 The attention to detail that Bergeron Patrice

Bergeron has played in the 1000th game of his career and he’s only 33 years old. It is certainly one of the best quebec players in history. All the hockey lovers know that Bergeron is a good player, but those who played with him do not come back to how good it is. All of his former teammates who I’ve spoken to have told me the same thing : “I knew he was good, but by at this point. It is amazing ! “Bergeron executes the details to perfection and constancy. In addition, he is the team-mate par excellence. He is a leader, quiet and he knows when to get up in a dressing room.

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 Carlyle thanked

The general manager of the Ducks of Anaheim, Bob Murray, no longer had the choice to show the door to coach Randy Carlyle. It was an outright crack-up. In their sequence of seven defeats in a row, the Ducks have granted 37 goals. Nothing was working, and it’s easier to fire the coach than the players. The Ducks will be sellers by the trade deadline.