The city Council in September to consider increasing the maximum speed to 80 km/h on several streets

Киевсовет в сентябре может рассмотреть увеличение максимальной скорости до 80 км/ч на ряде улиц

To increase the maximum permitted speed for vehicles driving up to 80 km/h on some streets of Kyiv in September. The relevant draft decision may be considered at the closest session of city Council. About it the Director of the Department of transport infrastructure Sergei Simonov.

“The question is relevant. Especially for such roads as the Great circle, Naberezhne highway, prospect Bazhana, that is, for those streets, which comes heavy-haul transport. And in order to quickly transit through Kiev, we have the support and approval of the police, to increase the maximum permitted speed of 80 km/hour,” – said Simonov.

At the same time, he noted that the relevant draft decision has comments activists in the field of road safety. They propose to increase the speed of traffic on some streets partially, that is, the right strip, where there are no bike paths or pedestrian crossings, to leave with speed limits of 50 km/h and on the left to increase up to 80 km/h.

“We have all these offers carefully study, because we don’t want to reduce safety on our roads, and therefore the draft decision will be adjusted taking into account these comments. This issue will be revived in September, after the city Council returns to work after holidays”, – said Simonov.

Recall that in Ukraine since January 1, 2018 entered into force the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers to limit the maximum speed in towns to 50 km/h. At the same time, KCSA has taken the initiative to increase the maximum speed limit to 80 km/hour on certain streets in the spring and autumn period.

We are talking about increasing the maximum speed to 80 km/h on 22 streets.

  • Prospekt Pobedy (from the Povitroflotskyi overpass to the street Chernobyl)
  • Big Ring road (from Urban street to the intersection with the Pipeline and the Pipeline from the building to the Minsk Avenue)
  • St. Urban (Stetsenko to Gostomel highway)
  • Ring road (from Avenue of Victory to street Nikolai Trublaini)
  • Obolonsky prospect (from Bogatyrskaya str to str)
  • Road R-69 (from lake street to the border of Kyiv)
  • prospect of Stepan Bandera (Obolonskiy prosp. Moskovsky bridge)
  • Avenue General Vatutin (from Moscow bridge to Kerch area)
  • Naberezhno-Rybalska (from Havana bridge to Elektrikov str)
  • Naddniprianske highway
  • Naberezhne highway (from Postal square to the Dnepr highway)
  • Metropolitan highway (up to the street.)
  • Saperno-Slobodskaya (Grinchenko to the South of the bridge)
  • mikoly Bazhana Ave. (to the Kharkov area)
  • street of Friendship of Peoples (from Demiivska square to nemanskaya)
  • Brovarskyi Avenue (from prospect Liberators to Bratislava and from street of Kyoto before turn on with.)
  • Perova (Osvoboditeley Ave. to the building of Alisher Navoi)
  • prosp. Sobornosti (subject to the establishment of distribution and transportation barriers)
  • Lesya Kurbasa str.
  • prosp. Kosmonavta Komarova
  • str
  • South bridge

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