The city on the great water: Cherkasy removed from the height of bird flight

Город на большой воде: Черкассы сняли с высоты птичьего полета

In a unique project about cities of Ukraine, shot from the air, updated story about one of the most beautiful cities on the Dnieper. The history of Cherkasy is incredibly rich. People settled on these lands since prehistoric times. Several times, the settlement was gone, and was rebuilt. Now Cherkasy is one of the largest and most interesting cities of Ukraine with an eclectic scattering of attractions.

One of the most luxurious in the city, monumental mansions from the XIX century have survived to our times is the House of Shcherbina. The owner was a wealthy landowner who made a fortune on the construction of the South-Western railway.

You will then see the blue fairy Palace where once stood the hotel “Slavic”. The building creates a unique mood even in the grey days — not only its bright color, but the whimsical shape of the towers, arches, balconies and spires.

In the video you’ll also see down the bridge of Love, which is more than 50 years, tree of Love, interesting lakes located in the Park “Pine forest”. Can admire the Europe’s largest Buddhist temple “White Lotus”. It is located near a sacred spring and waterfall.

And will note, looks like from the bird’s eye view of Ukraine’s largest dam. Its total length along the bridge is approximately 13 – 13.5 km day through her passes to 11 thousand cars.

Note that the video is about Cherkasy was the 13th in a row in the framework of the project In addition to the city on the big water it includes:

Video about Kiev, which in addition to the jewels of urban architecture shows the main green areas in the period of spring bloom.

Video about Lviv, revealing the secrets of architectural sculptures, which cannot be seen during traditional excursions, but only from height of bird’s flight.

In the story about Odessa all the attention of authors was focused on the Maritime landscape of the main resort city with a rich history.

Video from Kharkov opens to the viewer an amazing panorama of the largest in Europe, Freedom square and the first Soviet skyscraper.

Air videoprikoly on the Dnieper demonstrates a wonderful combination of antiquity, modernity and grandeur of the main river of Ukraine is one of the most picturesque sites.

Tour to Nikolaev demonstrates standing on three rivers flowing into the sea, the city of shipbuilders.

Vinnitsa is in his videoistorii charms coziness of a small town on the big water.

Ivano-Frankivsk pleasing landscapes of ancient harmonious urban development.

Zaporozhye mesmerizing combination of carefully restored Cossack of the past with modern architecture.

Chernivtsi delight the eye with their authenticity and absence of a large influx of tourists.

Kamianets-Podilskyi reveals the history of the ancient fortress above the picturesque canyon, around which in old times formed the city preserved to our days.

A video about Lutsk demonstrates a whimsical combination of architectural wonders – the old castle Lubart, fancy House of Soviet architect and building-record 88 entrances.

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