The Coca-Cola company for the first time in history will release an alcoholic beverage

Компания Coca-Cola впервые в истории выпустит алкогольный напиток

In 2018 Coca-Cola to present to the market his first alcoholic drink — and it will happen in Japan, reports the website of the company.

According to the head of the Japanese division of Coca-Cola Jorge Garduno, creating a low-alcohol drink — a real experiment for the manufacturer. Assess whether a new innovative drink in the other countries, only time will tell, since the gastronomic culture of Japan is still unique, says Garduno.

Coca-Cola intends to compete with Kirin (KNBWY) and Suntory (STBFY), which is on the market alternative beer carbonated beverages Chu-Hi containing a small share of the Japanese alcohol and different flavors.

By the way, Coca-Cola is not the first year creates an unusual drink for Japanese consumers. So, few Americans had heard of Aquarius (sports drink), Georgia Coffee (drink from canned coffee) or Sokenbicha (tea drink), however, over the last 5 years these positions have increased the profit of the company for $1 billion.