The collapse of Boeing 737 in Indonesia: the aircraft was a faulty speed sensor

Крушение Boeing 737 в Индонезии: У самолета был неисправен датчик скорости

The Boeing 737 that crashed on 29 October in Indonesia, was the faulty speed sensor. About it reports Associated Press with reference to the head of the Committee on safety on transport of Indonesia, Soerjono Tagoona.

It is noted that a fault found after studying data from the black box of an airliner.

It is also reported that problems with the speed sensor was detected during the four previous flights of the aircraft.

Now experts are trying to determine what were related problems: malfunction of the indicator and its measurement mechanisms, sensors, or computer failure.

Recall passenger plane Boeing 737 of the airline Lion Air crashed into the sea on October 29. The Boeing was flying from Jakarta to Pangkalpinang (Indonesia). After 13 minutes after takeoff, the plane lost contact with terrestrial services. Before the accident the Boeing 737 crew asked air traffic control permission to the service to return to the airport.

On Board were 189 people. They all died. According to preliminary data, among them citizens of Ukraine.

Later it was reported that the Boeing 737 Max 8 airline Lion Air collapsed from a strong impact on the surface of the Java sea.

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