The company Orro patented the fingerprint in the display

The Chinese company, Orro patented the fingerprint on the smartphone. Meizu Technology previously documented. “Migration” of fingerprint scanner on the back side of the smartphone directly to the display has become the trend of 2018.

Famous Chinese electronics company, Orro announced new achievements in the development and improvement of new technologies. We are talking about obtaining a patent for the production of smartphones with the option for a fingerprint scanner on the display of the gadget. The new company became the trend of 2018. It is known that documents on the use of technology has previously received the competitor Meizu Orr. A pioneer in the market, which released the first phone with a fingerprint sensor in the display was the vendor Vivo.

By the way, the portal iReactor conducted an analysis of the most desirable for Russians and smartphones have made the TOP 10. Announced the rankings of 2018 and new versions of earlier releases. Second place was the iPhone 8.