The company VIVO introduced in Russia smartphone V7 and V7 Plus with 24-megapixel camera

At the presentation of VIVO smartphones in Russia was announced the appearance of devices V7 and V7 Plus. The cost of new gadgets will be only 500-800 dollars depending on configuration.


Shadow Tao, head of international sales VIVO, said that V7 Plus was a 24-megapixel camera, and the screen resolution has been increased to 5.2 inches. It is worth noting that the official representative of the Olympics in 2018, will produce smartphones for the Russians at a lower price.

Representatives of VIVO during the presentation focused on the fact that the cost of the basic set is just over $ 500, and the top with a Snapdragon 835 will cost 799 dollars. The aspect ratio of this smartphone is 18:9. The developers stressed that in Russia the price will be 5-7% lower than in other countries.