The company Warner Brothers has begun work on restarting the Comedy series Alf

Компания Warner Brothers начала работу на перезапуском комедийного сериала Альф

The television division of Warner Brothers is working to restart a Comedy series about a furry alien from the planet Melmac “Alf”. This publication reports Variety with reference to its sources.

It is unknown who will be the writer of a new story, but there is information that the adventure alpha will begin with the fact that he will leave the military base where he kept a special unit to study the aliens. The main character will see and learn much changed in 30 years, the world.

Recall that the original TV series “Alf” was on NBC from 1986 to 1990. He talked about the adventures of a native of the planet Melmac Gordon Shumway, who after the fall of his spaceship in one of the garages in the Los Angeles lives in a family of Tanners. His earthly name is ALF (alien life form alien life form) it receives from the head of the family Willie Tanner. Hairy alien for four seasons delivers his new friends a lot of trouble, in particular all the time to eat their cat Lucky is on the home planet of alpha cats are considered a delicacy.

The series became one of the first American sitcoms shown on Ukrainian television. He enjoyed great popularity, including through the adapted translation, which has entered the on-screen events in the realities of Ukraine at the beginning of the 1990s, and quality voice acting.

In 2016, the actor died Mihaly Meszaros, who because of congenital dwarfism played the role of alpha in the moments when the alien had to show the frame in full growth.

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