The conflict around the animal shelter Sirius: MPs urged Klitschko to intervene

MPs urge city Chapter of Kiev Vitali Klitschko to intervene in a conflict situation with the animal shelter “Sirius” and dismiss the chief veterinarian of Kiev Mikhail Zaslavsky.

Appropriate treatment, signed by hundreds of MPs, announced Alexander Granovsky.

According to the owner “Sirius” Alexandra Mezinovo, it wants to remove from office for criticizing the work of the enterprise.

“Want me to stop talking about KP that nothing is being done in the city that some fakes…” – she said.

Mezinova adds that some individuals, myself Zaslavsky deliberately spreading false information about the condition of the animals, and initiate regular inspections.

“Nufotografuoti dogs – old and Demodex (mites affected – approx. ed.) and accused us that we brought them to this state. Nobody wants to understand that we are lead dogs in this condition… and sometimes much worse, and we on the contrary they give the order,” says the owner “Sirius”.

Alexander Mezinova adds that the shelter is in need of assistance – both financial and physical, as of today, 3 thousand animals there are only seven employees.

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