The Conseil des arts de Montréal breathe a little more

Photo: Alain Wong
The budget enhanced will certainly be in the Montreal arts Council to create new awards. On the photo, the body 100Lux, a finalist for the Grand prize, which will be unveiled in march next year.

The Conseil des arts de Montréal (CAM) has seen its annual budget increase of $ 2.5 million with the first budget of the administration Plant. If this amount does not achieve the $ 20 million per year that the organization for several years, his rise to 17 million will allow him to actually deploy, and otherwise than in wishful thinking, its new strategic Plan 2018-2020. The priorities are the support of artists of diversity, to the enhancement of the program of the CAM on tour, to the development of inclusive practices and the creation of new price.


“This is an important step to give us the means of our ambitions “, said in an interview to the Duty of the president of the CAM, Jan-Fryderyk Pleszczynski. “It is progressing. In absolute numbers, it remains the largest increase in that the CAM has received since its creation. It is a gesture determined, which gives us a chance to have a real impact. “The lion’s share of these new funds, $ 2.1 million,” goes directly into the programs, ” says Mr. Pleszczynski. It’s going to give us air. We will ensure that the deployment of these amounts, promotes our new strategic Plan, which was part of the development of the Policy of cultural development of the City of Montreal ; the actions will be concerted “.


The breath should, in 2018, be felt on the side of inclusion, with the ” increased support for the creation and the creators-aboriginal artists from the cultural diversity, to English-speaking artists. There is also the whole issue of inclusive practices. It is sure that there are going to be targeted injections of this side. We talk about everything that is artistic practice to the public, under-represented, the accessibility to the arts and culture. There are initiatives that were dear to us, but for which it couldn’t afford, ” says the one who is also the chairman of 4U2C, the company of the Cirque du Soleil specialized in the production and creation of video.


Missions and price


The enhancement to the program of CAM tour, which allows shows to visit many houses of culture, will increase the influence of artists and works. “This program is applauded, recalls Mr. Pleszczynski, but we were out of breath. The appetite was greater than we could satisfy. For artistic companies, that makes a big difference. In theatre, for example, from the time when a show is able to run in several venues in Montreal, the cost of creation is absorbed. Impact on the broadcast, each dollar is then a big the end of the path. “


The new idea to see representatives of arts groups to accompany the diplomatic missions international may also be embodied. “I’m not talking about artists who go abroad to do services to entertain during the evenings, but work done upstream ; the direction — general or artistic — that will, with a pilgrim’s staff, participate in missions, fairs, events. Direct sellers, who will build networks, meet presenters, collaborators or co-producers potential which can help to develop new markets elsewhere, to increase the potential audience. “


And the recognition events of the CAM, these ” prizes and scholarships which are other ways to subsidize and which have a direct impact “, will swell also. “It’s definitely going to be a new price for the CAM which will be announced in the course of the year,” said Pleszczynski.


If these 2.5 million do not completely meet the election promise, which announced an increase of 5.5 million, the CAM is delighted with this investment, but remains ” fixed on its target of 20 million “, concluded the president.