The conservatives want to force Trudeau to testify

Photo: Sean Kilpatrick, The canadian Press
During the 10-month-and-a-half-long investigation, the commissioner Dawson spoke on two occasions with Justin Trudeau.

With the end of the Holidays comes the resumption of hostilities policies. Justin Trudeau will not escape from the attacks of the opposition, even if the report recognizing him guilty of breaking the law with his trip on the private island of the Aga Khan was lodged a few days before Christmas, while the Parliament sat more. A conservative mp is trying to force the prime minister to appear in committee to answer a few questions remained in his eyes open.


Peter Kent urges the standing Committee on access to information, privacy and ethics to invite Mr. Trudeau for a court appearance on 17 or 18 January, two weeks before the return to normal of the House of commons. Mr. Kent seeks to find out who else was on the island and the Aga Khan during this trip from 26 December 2016 to 4 January 2017. CBC has established that one of the guests mysteries was John Kerry, then us secretary of State.


“One is entitled to wonder what else was happening on this island “, says Mr. Kent, in the interview with The Duty. He wants to know if the presence of Mr. Kerry was a coincidence. “Was this planned ? Affairs of State were discussed ? “The fact that Mr. Kerry was going to lose his position a few days later with the arrival of the government Donald Trump does not diminish the importance of the case, according to him.


The committee members will meet Tuesday in Ottawa to vote on the request for an invitation. This committee, as only three others in Ottawa, is chaired by a conservative mp, but this is when even the liberals who hold the majority… and the power to block the invitation. The prime minister’s office has refused to comment, indicating that no password will be given.


“Parliamentary committees are independent. We respect their independence and does not presume any conclusion of the discussions that members may have between them, ” wrote the spokesperson Chantal Gagnon. The vice-president liberal of the committee, Nathaniel Erskine-Smith, was not available Friday for comment.


A reprimand for Christmas


Just before Christmas, the commissioner outgoing of the conflict of interest and ethics, Mary Dawson, has tabled its report on the highly anticipated about the trip on the private island of the Aga Khan.


Such a report would probably have monopolized the debate in Parliament for days and made headlines as long if it had been filed at a different time of the year. This is a bit of the deficit that the conservatives want to address with their initiative, recognizes Mr. Kent. He considers it normal that the first prime minister in history to have broken the Law on conflict of interests are held to account publicly in a parliamentary committee. “It is a conclusion without precedent ! “


During the 10-month-and-a-half-long investigation, the commissioner Dawson spoke on two occasions with Mr. Trudeau, has received the documentation of 14 witnesses and spoke with two other witnesses. Mr. Trudeau responded to questions from journalists during 13 minutes when the report was made public. That could learn from the elected representatives in the querying for an hour or two ?


“We want to know if this government will support our efforts to improve the rules,” says the mp Nathan Cullen, who sits on the committee and will support the approach of the conservatives. Mr. Cullen wants to hear from the mouth of the prime minister if he is willing to close the loopholes of the act, including the inclusion of penalties.


“I also want to know the difference between asking a vacation to $ 100 000 and ask for an envelope of cash with $ 100,000 in it,” said Mr Cullen. This is the wife of Mr. Trudeau, who had asked the Aga Khan to go on his island. Mr. Cullen has contacted a few travel agencies before concluding that it would cost $ 100,000 to an individual to buy a holiday similar to nine people (five members of the family Trudeau were accompanied by two couples, or one of the deputy — now the minister — Seamus O’regan and one by the president of the liberal Party of Canada, Anna Gainey). Mr. Cullen requested that Mr. Trudeau reimburses this amount to the taxpayers.


The conservative Party demands, rather than Mr. Trudeau and his family to repay the approximately 215 000 $ for this trip to the public treasury in charge of security and movement of personnel. The trip was deemed inappropriate, such expenditure would not have had to be made, argues he. Mr. Cullen did not agree. “It is a little dangerous to ask the first minister to reimburse the costs of security as its function result. “This, argues he, is out of his control.


The family Trudeau repaid to the canadian government the equivalent of the cost of commercial flights between Canada and Nassau, either 4895 $.