The constitutional Court asked 49 people’s deputies with a request to assess the decision against the 112 Ukraine television channels and NewsOne

The constitutional Court asked 49 people’s deputies with a request to assess the decision against TV channel “112 Ukraine” and NewsOne, among them the people’s Deputy from “Oppositional block” Vasily Nimchenko.

“We are confident that we should be open the trade, you need to make sure that broken the law. The more we put voprosa only that there was a knopkodavstvo, the distortion of the will of people’s deputies. I’m talking about the fact NewsOne and “112 Ukraine”, But in fact the resolution of the Verkhovna Rada – they went beyond their authority,” – said nimchenko.

The politician is convinced that such actions of the Verkhovna Rada violates the rights of Ukrainians to information. Europe is also concerned about the situation around TV-channels, and to protect freedom of speech on the channel “112 Ukraine” NewsOne and will create a Supervisory Board with the participation of Western journalists and deputies.

“I have for power is bad news – all of these heads of journalistic organizations from Italy, France, Germany are going to enter the Supervisory Board of the channels to themselves be personally involved to shut down along with them and the senators of France. The fight against the channels, which began under communism, continues today,” – said the leader of the party “For life” Vadim Rabinovich.

The management of TV channels hopes that joint efforts will be able to protect freedom of speech in Ukraine.

“We have at least 4 recorded occasion when there was not a personal vote. That is, people either did not have or vote for them by other people. It’s all there, documented, recorded. We’re just doing our job, and we ask you to support us in our business,” said genprodyuser of the TV channel “112 Ukraine” Artem Marchevsky.

The TV channel “112 Ukraine” has sent a letter to the President of the European Commission and the Secretary General of the Council of Europe.

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