The Council of Europe approved a resolution on the establishment of a system of inspection of travelers prior to arrival in the EU

Совет Европы одобрил постановление о создании системы проверки туристов до прибытия в Евросоюз

At the meeting of the Council of Europe today, 5 September, adopted a resolution on the establishment of a European system of information on the journey and whilst logged in (ETIAS). About it reports a press-service of the Council.

After that, the final version of the decision must sign in the Council and the European Parliament. The final text will be published in the EU Official journal and will enter into force 20 days after publication. It is expected that the system ETIAS will be launched by 2021.

Earlier, in July, the resolution also approved in the European Parliament.

ETIAS system is intended for carrying out preliminary checks of persons intending to enter the territory of the European Union, while having the nationality of countries not requiring visas. Authorization, explain the authors of the project, will be held online, cost 7 Euro and run for three years. The main objective of this system is to increase the internal security of EU countries and prevent illegal immigration.

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