The court arrested 2 months ex-employee of the Odessa customs Amineva suspected of involvement in smuggling

Суд арестовал на 2 месяца экс-сотрудника одесской таможни Аминева, подозреваемого в причастности к контрабанде

The Shevchenkovsky regional court of Kiev arrested for two months with the right of bail of 30 million ex-employee of the Odessa customs of Denis Amineva, who is suspected of involvement in the theft of the arrested containers with uncleared cargo estimated at a cost of 154 million. About this on his page in Facebook reported the press Secretary of the State fiscal service (GFS) Natalia Nepryakhina.

“By the Shevchenko district court of Kyiv made a decision on detention for 60 days of Denis Amineva with the right to bail of UAH 30 million. He is a former employee of the Odessa customs, and its activity is associated with smuggling,” she said.

According to Nepryakhino, in respect of the detainee opened criminal proceedings upon assignment of the arrested inventory. “We are talking about containers with uncleared goods estimated value of 154 million, that in mid-June, he was arrested as evidence. During the investigation at the video surveillance and the testimony of the witnesses established the involvement Amineva to the assignment of the seized goods, which were transported by truck under the guise of moving to another team,” she explains.

While Nepryakhina stressed that none of the staff of the Odessa customs, as written media, not arrested. “The involvement of groups of cross-border activities Amineva not even considered,” she concluded.

Note, a former employee of the Odessa customs Denis Amin was arrested on 8 August this year.

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