The court arrested the second suspect in the murder of ex-serviceman invited to join in Berdyansk

Суд арестовал второго подозреваемого в убийстве экс-военнослужащего Олешко в Бердянске

The court left the second suspect in the murder of veteran ATO Vitaly Oleshko in Berdyansk in custody. About it reports “112 Ukraine”.

The decision of the court 37-year-old Nikolai Phony arrested for 60 days without the right of bail. He was taken to the detention center of Zaporozhye.

Guilty suspect in the court, and his lawyer said that the case is not enough evidence to charge his client.

The prosecution during the hearing put forward as the main version of the murder of personal hostility and conflict of interests in business activities.

Earlier Berdyansk district court took under custody for two months without possibility of bail another suspect in the case – Artem Matyushina. The suspect said that has nothing to do with the crime, and nothing came with friends on holiday.

Recall, a veteran of the ATO Vitaly Oleshko was wounded in the back in Berdyansk on July 31 around 12:30. He died from his injuries the same day.

On the territory of the Zaporozhye and Donetsk regions introduced a plan “Siren”. Local media inform that Oleshko shot from a gun at the hotel “Atmosphere”. According to people’s Deputy Seeds Semenchenko, Oleshko engaged in social activities and fight against corruption.

Police detained five suspects in the murder of Vitaly Oleshko. It was reported that one of them is a former soldier of the battalion “Tornado”.

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