The court decided to consider the petition of the Deputy Lesik disqualification of judge

At the next session on business of the Deputy of Kharkiv city Council 6 and 7 convocations Andriy Lesyk, the court decided to consider the petition of the accused for disqualification of a judge in the presence of his lawyer.

Defender Andrew Lesik is now on vacation. In court he gave the defender from the state, however they all recused himself from the case. According to Lesyk, it and lawyers,who were temporarily made by the defence, the prosecution was under pressure.

“For the record state that we were under pressure by the lawyer employees of the SBU or with unknown people, which resulted in the victim Diaghilev. When this provoked me to some illegal actions, that I came into conflict and Nora broke or something, then to me to bring to the next responsibility,” said Lesyk.

Суд принял решение рассматривать ходатайство депутата Лесика об отводе судьи

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