The court dropped charges of extremism from the picture Vasey Lozhkina, which offends the neighbors of the Russian Federation

Суд снял обвинения в экстремизме с картины Васи Ложкина, которая оскорбляет соседей РФ

The Novosibirsk regional court quashed the decision that the picture of Russian artist Vasya Lozhkin “the Great beauty of Russia” is an extremist. This was announced on his Twitter page, the head of the Council for human rights of the Russian Federation Mikhail Fedotov.

The canvas shows a map where the red marked “the Great and wonderful Russia”, and the neighboring States in the abusive characteristics.

The Council on human rights of the Russian Federation noted that the painting does not promote and makes fun of xenophobia and nationalism.

This work belongs to the Russian businessman Alexei Khodorkovsky. She was recognized as extremist in 2016. Vasya Lozhkin noted that it is not laying in their work, aggressive message. Both in this and in his other paintings he ridiculed the weaknesses of Russian society.

Recall, the most controversial judicial proceedings in recent years around the Russian artist was the work of Peter Pavlensky. In 2015, he held artistic action “Threat”, during which he set fire to the door of the FSB in Moscow. The trial lasted seven months and the result of the artist was released, and sentenced to a fine. Last year Pavlensky held a similar event, tan facade of the Bank of France. After that he was sentenced to a prison term.

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