The court ordered the police to start an investigation into threats received by employees of the publication Country

Суд обязал полицию начать расследование по факту угроз, поступавших сотрудникам издания Страна

Shevchenko district court of Kyiv imposed on the police an obligation to investigate threats received by the journalists of the newspaper “the Country”. Text of the decree issued on 27 August by the judge Oksana Golub, was published in the Unified state register of court decisions.

“The complaint of a lawyer Michitan K. A. on behalf of OOO “LEMAK” the inaction of the investigator regarding the payment information in the Unified register of pre-judicial investigations – meet. To oblige the authorized investigator of the Shevchenkivsky police Department of the Main Directorate of the National police of Ukraine in Kyiv city to amend the Unified register of pre-judicial investigations information on the criminal offences set out in the statement of limited liability company “LEMAK” to commit a crime № 7 from 26.07.2018 was received by the authorized person of the Shevchenko pack of GU Ministry of emergency in Kiev 27.07.2018 years and was at No. 14774, start pre-trial investigation and provide the applicant with an extract from the Unified register of pre-judicial investigations. A resolution under article 309 of the CPC of Ukraine is not subject to appeal”, – stated in the document.

Thus, the national police are obliged to open criminal proceedings under article 171 and article 345-1 of the criminal code of Ukraine – attempted obstruction of lawful professional activities of journalists and death threats, violence against the staff of a newspaper in connection with the exercise of lawful journalists professional activity. Sanctions both articles provide for up to 3 years of imprisonment.

As a reminder, previously the edition of “Country” said that after the publication of the video, where presumably the security service commandos stormed volunteers in the Donbas, the staff began to receive threats. In particular, the volunteer Roman Donik has published on his page in the Facebook post, which openly threatened journalists “to hold by the throat”.

In response to this post is “Country” filed a statement to the police, but the police refused to amend details given in this application in the Unified register of pre-judicial investigations. After this edition went to court.

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