The court ordered to return the stolen UGB tower cranes

The economic court of Kiev took the side of government “Ukrgasbank” and decided to return 11 found of tower cranes and 8 platforms in property of the debtor’s financial institution – the company “international trade center” for further implementation and debt repayment. About it reports a press-service of “Ukrgasbank”.

Thus, the court invalidated electronic auctions and their results, which state Executive service sold as spare parts collateral tower cranes “Ukrgasbank” in the property of the company “Lifting machines” at a greatly reduced price of $ 4.9 million UAH.

In 2011-2013, the lawyers of “Ukrgasbank” in court, have argued the illegality of actions of the owner of the companies “international trade center” and “Lifting machines” Oleg Yaremchuk, which in 2011 ceased to pay the state Bank debt.

Суд обязал вернуть Укргазбанку похищенные башенные краны

Суд обязал вернуть Укргазбанку похищенные башенные краны

Суд обязал вернуть Укргазбанку похищенные башенные краны

“The court’s decision confirms that the actions of the Executive service has deprived the state “Ukrgasbank” the right to sell the collateral – tower cranes at market value to repay credit debt. Without a doubt, we are pleased with the court’s decision. Now the other side has the right to appeal. However, we will continue to protect the interests and legitimate rights of the state”, – noted the Director of Department of settlement of debt “Ukrgasbank” Alexander Kalinichenko.

Also the Appellate court of Kiev refused satisfaction of the complaint of LLC “Lifting machines” and left in force the arrest of the collateral. Investigators continue to establish the whereabouts of all 35 tower cranes worth 379 million. Now known developers who utilize the stolen property of the state in the construction, including the company “masterbud”, “SK Intergal-Bud”, LLC “Bulgarkontrola”, “Budex”, LLC “KSM Group”, ZAO “SK ukrbud”, HC “Kyivmiskbud”, UDBC “ukrbud”, LLC “Construction company Daventry” SE “Portal”, “КDD Engineering”, LLC “Ukrstroy service”, LLC “Stroyspetsservis”, OOO “Domian”, “Kyivmetrobud”, JSC “Energopol-Ukraine, LTD “NBF group” OJSC Trest “Kyivmiskbud-1 im. M. P.”.

As reported, major losses to the state caused the borrower Oleh Yaremchuk – General Director of “international trade center”. In 2007-2008 the company entered into the “UGB” 7 loan agreements for a total amount of UAH 128 million, more than $ 3 million. USA and 95 thousand euros. The money needed for the purchase of tower cranes Potain. However, in 2011, Oleg Yaremchuk completely ceased to pay the debt. Today the pretrial investigation in criminal proceedings under part 1 of article 388 of the criminal code of Ukraine for Oleh Yaremchuk, who is suspected of illegal alienation of the property pledged as collateral “Ukrgasbank”.

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