The court records to follow in 2018

Photo: Jacques Nadeau Le Devoir
The former elected liberal Nathalie Normandeau is sued for fraud, breach of trust, conspiracy and corruption. His trial is scheduled for April.

The judicial news will be marked by the opening of major trials in 2018. The Duty has compiled a list of eight cases to follow this year.


Nathalie Normandeau will attempt to avoid his trial


The ex-vice-premier of Quebec Nathalie Normandeau will attempt to escape at his trial for fraud, breach of trust, conspiracy and corruption, expected in April of next year.


Just before the Holidays, the former liberal mp has filed a motion for stay of proceedings, citing time as it deems unreasonable, since 21 months will have passed between the filing of charges, by April 2016, and the projected date for the beginning of the trial, on 9 April.


Tony Accurso will not escape his trial

The former construction entrepreneur Tony Accurso spent a good part of the year 2018 before the courts. The man of business must first apply to the palace of justice in Mascouche on January 8, for his trial for fraud and corruption in Mascouche.


Mr. Accurso will also have to return to the palace of justice in Laval on 17 January to set the date for his new trial. He faces five charges relating to a system of collusion and corruption in the awarding of public contracts in Laval. A coup de theatre occurred almost at the end of the trial. Justice James Brunton has pronounced the abortion of the trial after a juror had obtained information on the system of collusion in Laval, which she then shared with other members of the jury.


Final arguments in the trial of Lac-Mégantic


Final arguments in the trial of three former employees of the railway company american Montreal Maine and Atlantic (MMA) accused following the tragedy of Lac-Mégantic will begin in the month of January.


The train driver, Tom Harding, and two of his former colleagues, Richard Labrie and Jean Demaître, have pleaded not guilty to the charge of criminal negligence causing the death of 47 people, in the night of 6 July 2013.


Attack on Quebec : the beginning of the trial of Alexander Bissonette

Photo: Mathieu Bélanger, The canadian Press
The trial of Alexander Bissonnette, the shooter alleged for the attack on the great mosque of Quebec, will open on march 26 next.

The trial of Alexander Bissonnette, the shooter alleged for the attack on the great mosque of Quebec, will open on 26 march with the selection of the jury.


On the evening of January 29, 2017, Bissonnette would have been introduced armed to the mosque, to 19: 50, after the last of the five daily prayers muslim. The man, 27-year-old had opened fire on a dozen of the faithful, killing six people and injuring others.


The former student of the Faculty of social sciences of Laval University is facing six counts of premeditated murder and six counts of attempted murder.


In total, 111 witnesses could be heard during the trial, which is expected to last two months.

The legal saga continues for Patrick Brazeau

Photo: Sean Kilpatrick, The canadian Press
The ex-conservative senator Patrick Brazeau will be back in court at the end of January.

Senator Patrick Brazeau will be back in court on January 24 for refusing to submit to a breathalyzer test in April 2016.


His trial was to be held in December. Ironically, the trial of one who is among others known to have been K. O. by Justin Trudeau in a boxing friendly has been postponed after his lawyer broke two fingers in a fight of karate.


Earlier this year, Mr. Brazeau has been acquitted in another case where he was accused of custody and control of a vehicle while impaired.


The beginning of the preliminary investigation of Ugo Fredette


The preliminary investigation of Ugo Fredette, the origin of the longest Amber alert in Quebec’s history, is expected to begin on 14 march. The 42-year-old is accused of the premeditated murder of his wife, Veronica Beard, and the murder not premeditated Yvon Lacasse. The police officers had triggered the Amber alert after the discovery of the body of Mrs. Beard, then a child of six years was missing.


During his flight, Mr. Fredette would have stopped in a roadside rest of Lachute, where he allegedly stole the vehicle of Mr. Lacasse. He was intercepted in Ontario 24 hours later, with the young child safe and sound. Five days later, the police recovered the body of Yvon Lacasse in Arundel in the Laurentians.


First the testimony at trial of Luck Mervil


The trial of the singer Luck Mervil, who is accused of crimes of a sexual nature, will resume on may 24. The first testimonies should be heard this spring. The crimes against the man, 49-year-old would products there are more than 20 years, while the victim claimed was a minor.