The court reversed the suspicion Mazur in the pogrom of a camp of Roma

Суд отменил подозрение Мазуру в погроме табора ромов

The court overturned the suspect in the pogrom of the Roma camp on Bald mountain in Kiev against koordinatoru nationalist organizations C14 Sergey Mazur. This was reported by his lawyer Victor Moroz, reports “Ukrainian truth”.

“The court of October 30 granted our motion. The message on suspicion Mazur canceled,” he said.

Kiev Prosecutor’s office said that the decision has already been appealed, which will be considered by the court on November 11. However, it is noted that the decision was not a matter of suspicion, and the procedure of its delivery, the court ruled that during the implementation of the reports of suspected irregularities.

“Now in the court of appeal will insist that the suspicion was given in compliance with the current legislation”, – said the press Secretary of the Prosecutor’s office Hope the maximes.

Frost said that in the case of new suspicions will challenge them.

We will remind, in April on Bald mountain Metropolitan nationalists dismantled and burned the camp Roma. The organization said that out of the camp, the Roma asked on Friday, April 20. Some people listened to the nationalists, the other left the camp before the so-called “RAID”.

Police said Mazur of suspicion in the pogrom of Roma communities on Bald hill in Kyiv on July 10. The court appointed the Mazur measure in the form of house arrest for 2 months in July. It wanted to bail the people’s Deputy Igor Lutsenko, but the court is not allowed. In August, a measure of restraint in the hour of arrest was replaced by a night of house arrest.

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