The court satisfied the statement of the Deputy of the Kharkiv city Council Andrey Lesik for disqualification of the judge in his case

The court has satisfied the statement of the Deputy of Kharkiv city Council 6 and 7 convocations Andriy Lesyk disqualification of the judge in his case. The next meeting will be held under the chairmanship of judges, who will choose the automated distribution system.

“The judge has probably realized that it is not necessary to break the law and follow the procedures. Prior to that, he somehow took statements without dates, for some reason, changed the date of the meeting without the consent of my lawyer earlier, I do not understand. These reasons were the basis for removal and distrust in it,” says Lesyk.

The subject of the next meeting will be the removal of the judge who conducted the case before. Previously, nine judges Dzerzhinsky district court have recused myself.

“This court has almost no judges who did not communicate with us. Everyone understands that the political case, nobody wants to get dirty. Another thing is that the judge assigned to my case, waiting for the qualification Commission, and certainly is on the hook, thereby delaying the process and wanting without investigation to keep me six months under house arrest,” – said Lesyk.

According to Lesyk, proceedings of artificial delay, to find the bases for change to it measures of restraint from house arrest on the content in jail. However, says Lesyk, to violate the court order and to give any other reasons for this, he is not going to.

Суд удовлетворил заявление депутата Харьковского горсовета Андрея Лесика относительно отвода судьи в его деле

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