The creation of a unified opposition platform had been expected by the voters, Yuri Miroshnichenko

Создания единой оппозиционной платформы уже давно ожидали избиратели, - Юрий Мирошниченко

The creation of a unified opposition platform had been expected by the voters. Such statement on air of TV channel “112 Ukraine” was made by the people’s Deputy of Ukraine from “Oppositional block” Yury Miroshnichenko.

“This event, which is a fairly long expected by our voters, because if we compare the activities of other parliamentary factions, we will see that the Opposition bloc was the only opposition political force, because, remember, in 2014, after the parliamentary elections, all these political factions are now operating in Parliament, created a coalition, signed a coalition agreement and formed a government, so all they are responsible for what is happening in the country. “Opposition block” was the alternative to the government,” he said.

According to him, yesterday was created a platform where everyone (and social and political movements, leaders, and other stakeholders) will be able to create an alternative to the current government and fight for the restoration of peace in Ukraine, to stabilize the situation in the economy.

“Of course, we could not at the time of creation to declare a single candidate, but certainly, the platform created. What forces will be included? The party “For life” is ready to work, I imagine the “Party of development of Ukraine”, we will join. Other parties would, too,” – said the politician.

We will note, earlier the head of the political Council of the party “For freedom” Viktor Medvedchuk has published the main strategic objectives of the new political Association.

“Association “the Opposition platform For life” was established to protect the interests of the inhabitants of the South-East and the Russian-speaking population. We advocate for the cessation of hostilities in the Donbass, for the full implementation of the Minsk agreements and to restore peace in the country. Our main enemies — the fighting in the Donbass, tariff genocide, corruption, criminal tyranny, criminal power, “predatory nationalism” of the Ukrainians poverty and social injustice. We have a specific program to restore peace, revive the economy, to make Ukraine successful and happy country,” – said in a policy statement.

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