The Creator of Siri called her stupid and disappointed in Apple

Создатель Siri назвал ее глупой и разочаровался в Apple

One of the creators of the voice assistant Siri Norman Winarsky in an interview with Quartz, criticized Apple for the way in which was embodied his development.

Before launching Siri on iOS Winarski expected breakthrough, however, the output is a clumsy product. According to the developer, the service is good with the simplest of household tasks, sets reminders, check the weather, sending letters, however, it is not able to predict the desires of the owner and can not clearly support the dialogue.

Part of the blame for the stupidity of Siri, the developer has laid on Apple. Winarski noticed that initially the service was to be exclusively assistant for tourism and entertainment. For example, if at the airport you learn about the cancellation, Siri would instantly find another available for the flight route or find in any hotel room. The company also tried to make a universal assistant and is unable to cope with the task.

“This is a big problem, but for companies operating with a billion people, the difficulties appear even more. Available to them the level of quality that they may would like to achieve,” said Winarski.