The Creator of the Newbie: Russia has no plants to create chemical weapons

Создатель Новичка: У России нет заводов для создания химического оружия

Today in Russia there are no factories to create chemical weapons. Comments about this “112 Ukraine” said the Creator of the nerve agents “Beginner” Vil Mirzayanov.

“They (Russia) are not synthesized, they have no factories for the production of chemical weapons. But the old stocks they hid it and now can use them for terrorist purposes in Europe” – said Mirzayanov.

He added that “Beginner”, which was used for poisoning in Britain, was never included in the list of prohibited substances.

“Only Russia was producing this weapon at the two plants. Then “Rookie” in this series of toxic substances were never included in the list of prohibited toxic substances in the Hague (Convention on the prohibition of chemical weapons). It’s behind the Convention, Russia is hidden” – said the scientist.

He stressed that under certain conditions a “Newbie” retains its properties for a long period of time.

“If well-sealed, if there does not penetrate the moisture, the substance may be stored indefinitely. Maybe a year or two,” concluded Mirzayanov.

According to him, it is difficult to name the exact time of the collapse of the “Newbie” in human blood, however, modern technologies allow us to determine almost immediately the poisoning nerve substance.

Mirzayanov previously reported that “Newbie” was developed in Russia for 17 years. It was reported that to kill a man two milligrams is enough “Newbie”, and Russia in its time, made up to 20 tons of the substance.

Recall, the police Wiltshire reported new cases of poisoning under Salisbury similar to the poisoning of the former officer of the GRU of the Russian Federation Sergei Skripal and his daughter Julia in Salisbury on 4 March. Was discovered unconscious man and woman at the age of 40 years. Both are UK citizens.

As reported, a man and a woman were poisoned with a paralytic substance “Beginner” after contact with an infected subject. Later it became known that the woman poisoned a Novice in Amesbury, and died.

Создатель Новичка: У России нет заводов для создания химического оружия

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