The creators of Star wars gave permission to install in Ternopil statue of Yoda

Создатели Звездных войн дали разрешение на установку в Тернополе статуи мастера Йоды

Lucasfilm Limited gave permission to install in Ternopil statue of the character in the movie “Star wars”, Yoda. This was announced by the ideologists of the project, says Doba.

The place where the sculpture is kept secret, but most likely it will be one of the Ternopil parks.

Previously, more than 300 residents of Ternopil supported the petition of the city of the statue of master Iodine.

“When we started to talk about it, all joking and did not believe in the possibility of the monument. I will say that I first didn’t see anything of interest, but subsequently, we’ve rethought everything and saw in this idea a good potential,” – said the Deputy of city Chairman Leonid Bitsyura.

It is noted that now other options are being considered how to present the city to tourists. The organizers of the project believe that the more the city will be such interesting places, the more people will come to visit it.

We will remind, in Kiev in the Botanical garden of them. Smith was also a sculpture of Yoda. In addition, residents of the capital was proposed to rename the Containing Dnieper area in the street of master Yoda.

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